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Want to increase your yield and achieve better throughput?

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At GP Systems, we source and supply products that optimise the brewing process. We work with you to ensure your brewery is set up for long term success.

When it comes to beverage processing, brewing is tricky. Effective measurement of temperature, CIP conditions and product, quality are paramount in ensuring process reliability. Every step matters. One mistake and your brew is botched.

A quality processing system makes all the difference. Our high quality turbidity sensor technology will enhance the quality of your beer while reducing production costs. Yes, your initial outlay may be higher than buying the ‘cheap and nasties’ out there, but you’ll soon see a great return on your investment.

The cost of inaction

The cost of inaction

“In our tests, the ILM-4 proved to be the best in class in terms of measuring accuracy. But we were also convinced by its solid, hygienic stainless steel construction, its modular concept and its service friendliness.”

What we do

The Solution

Our team can work with you to select the best processing technology for your brewery.

Our top picks for your brewery

Reduce product loss by continuously monitoring the proportion of undissolved substances in your brew. They also save water by fully automating the transition from clean in progress (CIP) to product.

Reduce product loss by ensuring bacteria is totally removed from kegs before they are refilled. And the CLEANadapt fittings make sure there is no leakage due to their gap free design.

Aseptic sampling system makes line sampling wild yeast and spoilage bacteria simpler and more efficient, saving you time and reducing your risk.

Quality is the number one criterion in all aspects of our culinary and entertainment business. That’s why the brewing process is of utmost importance and must be perfect in every way. For our many visitors, however, the brewery itself is also a visual experience. Everything must be first-rate with regard to design and hygiene. The sensors from Anderson-Negele have been meeting our expectations from day one, and the results are highly presentable – and tasty, too.

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FREE Turbidity Sensor ROI Calculator

Want to know how much you could save? Sign up to download our FREE Calculator.

FREE Turbidity Sensor ROI Calculator

Want to know how much you could save? Sign up to download our FREE Calculator.