Hygienic solutions for accurate and repeatable results

Want to be at the forefront of pharmaceutical manufacturing in Australia?

You need measurement, control and handling systems that deliver the most hygienic and predictable results.

At GP Systems we understand that you work in an industry where high product quality and process reliability are critical. You need to feel confident that the flowmeter, pressure sensor or switch you’re using represents the gold standard in hygienic instrumentation. And you need a powder handling system that is flexible and optimised for quality control.

At GP Systems, we source and supply the best processing technology so you can achieve the best results. And we tailor solutions to support your ‘big picture’ goals. Because you expect and deserve no less.

The cost of inaction

The cost of inaction

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What we do

The Solution

We will work with you to source hygienic products that enhance process efficiency and continuity.

Our top picks for pharmaceutical manufacturing

Sensor systems are optimised for pharmaceutical manufacturing. For example, they enable you to measure temperature without direct medium contact so you can remove the sensors without opening the process.

Are designed to concentrate, purify and clarify select compounds resulting in a high product yield.

Aseptic sampling system is easy to install and reduces the risk of cross-contamination due to multiple samplings from a single channel.

Powder handling products protect against segregation of blend, vital at each of the processing steps. And their tablet processing IBC system enables efficient and gentle handling of tablets in bulk.

“Cutting edge innovation is reshaping the food, beverage and life science markets, and membrane separation plays a key role in accelerating innovation.”

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FREE Turbidity Sensor ROI Calculator

Want to know how much you could save? Sign up to download our FREE Calculator.