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Leading-edge technology for sustainable water use and production

Are you a manufacturer looking for more efficient ways to use and reuse water?

Or does your municipal plant want to optimise its water treatment systems?

We supply municipal and manufacturing clients with the best water and wastewater treatment systems on the market. Our products, along with our exceptional customer service, help create a more sustainable production model.

Water is a precious commodity, especially in Australia which is the driest inhabited continent on Earth. Population growth and urbanisation along with climate change means water managment has to adapt to meet future demands.

Consistent high-quality water production is also essential in food and beverage manufacturing. Without efficient treatment, reusing water may introduce contaminants and pathogens into your products.

Reusing treated water provides huge environmental and economic benefits. Let’s find better ways to conserve and recycle your water.

The cost of inaction

The cost of inaction

“Future urban water management will have to provide water supply and sewerage services for rapidly growing cities and towns, while being efficient and affordable. Accompanying this will be expectations of improved urban amenity and liveability in a potentially drier climate.”

“Ongoing research and capacity building will be central to Australia’s ability to deliver the sustainable management of water resources in the face of challenges from climate change, population growth and increasing community expectations.”

What we do

The Solution

GP Systems can provide cost-effective solutions for sustainable water use and production

Our top picks for industrial and municipal water and wastewater treatment

May increase the capacity of municipal wastewater treatment facilities. The ultrafiltration technology will also improve effluent quality.
Removes dissolved salts from water providing an energy efficient way to meet the demands for high quality process water.
Turbidity sensors reduce the amount of product lost in the production process while lowering water consumption and waste management costs.

The higher packing density of the PURON® product compared to other reinforced hollow fibre technologies was a key consideration in choosing KMS as the preferred technology for the project, allowing us to reduce the project footprint. Furthermore, the energy savings and the lower project life cycle costs demonstrated by the PURON® technology was a decisive factor in our choice.”

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FREE Turbidity Sensor ROI Calculator

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