Improved Aseptic Sampling

Improve the accuracy of your samples with our reliable and cost effective systems

Producing clean and accurate samples is a vital part of your food safety system. To protect the integrity of your test results, you need a sampling system that is safe, efficient and reliable. If it’s simple to install and simple to use, even better.

With GP Systems in your corner, you can be confident in the performance of your sampling system. Because we only supply the best sampling products on the market strengthened by exceptional customer service.

The Problem

As a food and beverage or pharmaceutical manufacturer, you need to regularly test your processes to prevent bacteria and undesirable organisms.

An inefficient sampling technique increases your risk of contamination which can lead to production delays, product loss and increased running costs.

If you fail to invest in a reliable aseptic sampling system, the quality of your products and the efficiency of your plant will be compromised.

The cost of inaction

The cost of inaction
What we do

The Solution

GP Systems will take the time to listen to your sampling concerns and requirements. We will then recommend and supply the best aseptic sampling products to meet your needs. And we’ll remain on hand to provide ongoing support so your business can run as efficiently as possible.

Our top picks for clean and accurate sampling

Sterile septums and transfer devices provide easy access and ensure accurate results by reducing the risk of

Aseptic Transfer System allows for the inoculation of cultures, nutrients, enzymes or other liquids directly into vessels safely and without contamination.

Who benefits

Our team works with clients across a range of industries, helping them perfect their sampling technique and avoid contamination.

‘Having an aseptic sampling process, our team can be confident that our test results are accurate to our product. We rely on QualiTru sampling ports throughout our process to gain better control of product quality on the front end. Not only do we have better control, but we save money from our previous style of sampling valve when we released product before collecting.”

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Product spotlight: QualiTru Sanitary Ports (316L)

QualiTru ports allow easy access for aseptic process monitoring of microbial contamination and line and tank sampling. The stainless steel ports are manufactured under rigorous quality control standards and are available in both 7- and 12-port configurations.

Ready to improve your aseptic sampling technique? Let’s discuss the best solution for your business.

FREE Turbidity Sensor ROI Calculator

Want to know how much you could save? Sign up to download our FREE Calculator.

FREE Turbidity Sensor ROI Calculator

Want to know how much you could save? Sign up to download our FREE Calculator.