Industry leading IBC powder handling systems featuring cone valve technology


Who they are

Matcon has been successfully delivering top quality powder handling systems using IBC containers since 1980. Their clients include international household names as well as small, privately-owned manufacturers producing food, flavourings, beverages. infant formula, sports nutrition, pharmaceuticals and chemicals.

Their efficient and flexible IBC processing solutions are used to transfer powders, granules and tablets safely between key process manufacturing steps – from recipe formulation through mixing/blending to packing and cleaning.

Matcon are committed to innovative and continuous product development with a strong focus on your process needs and objectives. Their systems will help increase productivity, improve process efficiency and reduce manufacturing costs.

Why choose Matcon?

Matcon IBCs are efficient, dust-tight powder containers manufactured to the highest standards for all industry applications. At the heart of it all is the cone valve which overcomes issues of mix segregation, containment and bridging that are inherent in traditional powder handling systems.

Matcon’s systems will help you create a flexible production facility that enables you to:

“This new site in Malaysia will allow us to quickly process and deliver orders to our customers in the Asia-Pacific region, with optimised supply chains and all required QM certifications. All that without any concessions regarding quality viz our European sites, but to the same exacting standards. Our clients and channel partners are happy with the design and appointment of the plant, with the IBC blending system taking centre stage and receiving great care and maintenance due to our successful partnership with Matcon.”

Matcon IBC Mixing/Blending Solutions

Mix any recipe, any time thanks to fast, efficient, agile blending and eliminate the time-consuming cleaning associated with traditional static mixers.

Matcon Tumble Blender
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Let’s discuss your powder handling challenges and how Matcon systems can solve them.

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FREE Turbidity Sensor ROI Calculator

Want to know how much you could save? Sign up to download our FREE Calculator.