Your wine may get better with age but wine filters don’t. We have the latest technology to boost your yield and assure quality.

Are you tired of losing product because of blistering and fouling membranes?

Know you need to conserve water but no idea where to start?

If you keep doing the same things, you’ll keep getting the same results. It’s time to get a competitive edge with wine filtration technology that optimises production, enhances quality and saves water.

From durable membranes to turbidity sensors, our custom solutions will make your winery more efficient, profitable and sustainable. And our customer service is second to none.

The cost of inaction

The cost of inaction

“To ensure enduring profitability of the winegrape growing sector, Australia must invest in improved technology to ensure we can compete in terms of production efficiency with our global competitors.”

What we do

The Solution

We have an exceptional range of winemaking solutions that provide a great return on investment

Our top picks for your winery

Microfiltration WINEFILTER membrane uses lower pressures and does not require cooling. The result? A clear and stable wine that is rich in colour and aroma without the use of additives.


Dynamic cross flow filter (DCF) increases yield by processing highly concentrated suspensions up to viscosities of 7,000 mPas.

Turbidity sensors significantly reduce water use by taking the guesswork out of how many litres are required to move from clean in progress (CIP) to product.

“The greatest benefit is that the quality of the wine, particularly the difficult reds, has improved because with crossflow filtration the reds hold their filterability much longer than with diatomaceous earth of cellulose pad filters so we don’t have to refilter the wine.”

“Crossflow microfiltration saves us an enormous amount of time and money, because we now filter all our wine in a single step.”

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FREE Turbidity Sensor ROI Calculator

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FREE Turbidity Sensor ROI Calculator

Want to know how much you could save? Sign up to download our FREE Calculator.